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CBIMO has at its disposal a substantially unique and modern apparatus base related to bioimmobilisation technologies and the formation and characterization of innovative packaging materials. (see PDF presentation)

Many research entities and economic subjects may be potentially interested in the research and application of same.

The apparatus collected so far and that planned for purchasing within the investment project under execution is of universal equipment nature, analogous to those used on the industrial scale which might be applied to obtain and examine various materials and eventually might be used independently by the involved parties.  



List of CBIMO equipment

Group of methods

Type of equipment

Characterization of basic properties

  1. Liquid chromatograph HPLC- GPC x2 with double detection (UV and DRI)
  2. UV -VIS spectrophotometer
  3. Dispersive Raman spectrometer
  4. FTIR spectrophotometer with 2 ATR sets
  5. FTIR microscope - transmission and reflection
  6. Contact angle analyzer
  7. Rheometer including measurements at the interface
  8. Particle size analyzer - for liquid and gas dispersions

Isolation, modification and purification of new materials

  1. Multihead laboratory homogeniser (20o mL - 5 liters)
  2. Laboratory sonicator for continuous operations (20 mL - 5 liters)
  3. A set of specialized glass reactors
  4. Purification set - ultrafiltration
  5. Pressurized steralization sytem for large volumes 

Laboratory Equipment -

formation and modification of materials

Modification of packaging materials :

  1. Universal laboratory coaters  (paperboard and paper)
  2. IR-dryers - table one and tunnel 
Methods Bioimmobilizacji :
  1. Laboratory spray dryer
  2. Various microencpsulation methods:
    1. fluidized
    2. electrostatic
    3. dispersive

Characterization of performance

  1. Universal mechanical testing machine with extensometer and climate chamber (for testing of packaging materials and microcapsules)
  2. Climate chambers (x2)
  3. Gas barrier properties : oxygen OXTRAN ( x2 - two measuring ranges ) and water vapor PERMATRAN
  4. Determinination of package integrity of and the selection of the sealing conditions
  5. MAP packaging machine + PACKcheck device
  6. Optical transmission microscope with image analysis program


Technological processing of packaging materials - technical scale

  1. Surface modification of cellulosic materials - laboratory coater of paper and cardboard webs using various coating techniques
  2. Three-layer film extrusion - a set of laboratory for coextrusion
  3. Formation of three-layer blown film
  4. Lamination of polymer films set of laboratory for three layer laminated composites

Material analysis:

  1. DMA - dynamic mechanical analysis with climate chamber for various materials
  2. Set of optical microscopes - observation and characterziation of materials in reflecation and transmision modes


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