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CBIMO is an interdisciplinary group working within Faculty of Food Sciences and Fisheries. 


Our research activities are mainly focused on following topics:
- bioimmobilization and microencapsulation of living cells, bioactive substances and food-additives (encapsulation from macro- down to to nano- scale)
- biodegradable food-packaging materials (mainly cellulose, starch and PLA based materials)
- characterization and various methods of food packaging

- isolation, chemical modification and purification of biopolymers (specifically polysaccharides and their hydrophobic derivatives)
- physico-chemical characterization of biopolymers.

Especially CBIMO has some expertise in:

- microencapsulation based on natural and modified polymers (polysaccharides and proteins),

- immobilization of living cells (mammalian and bacteria),

- food-bioactive substances (nutraceuticals) and taste and smell masking,

- formation and characterization of microcapsules (mechanical and permeability)

- formation, modification and characterization of packaging materials including mainly paper, paperboard and polymer films.

- food and packaging interaction "active packaging".


See the presentation of CBIMO R&D activities and recent projects.


To learn more about our infrastructure/equipment go directly to CBIMO leaflets:

- packaging

- microencapsulation


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